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Maldives beach | Glows at night

This beach in maldives creates a fantasy world effect as it glows along the shoreline creating millions of blue luminescent light particles around the beach. This stunning effect is caused by phytoplankton(marine microbes) known as dinoflagellates which creates what's known as bioluminescence the glowing blue stuff we see in the images below, this is definitely one of the most fantastic tourist destinations ever.

Muthyallaman car festival | Bangalore

Muthyallman car festival held during the month of march or april every year in shivajinagar,Bangalore, is a quite a favorite among locals. This festival occurs in two phases the first phase starts by pulling the big Chariot(called periya theru) from the Muthyallman temple entrance and goes all the way round thimmiah road area. once the big chariot(called periya theru ) reaches back to the temple. Phase two kick starts where the idols of gods from different temples across the area are gathered in their chariots(theru's) at around 12:00 am and start the procession around the thimmiah road area where the devotees offer prayers and offerings to the god's.