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Shortcut to My Pictures

I am not professional photographer, but i have lot of interest in photography, this images were taken from my mobile phone didn't have enough money to buy a good camera.  hope you like these pictures of a amateur photographer.

Crysis 3

Crysis 3 is scheduled for release in Spring of 2013, The game picks up in the year 2047 in New York City, with Alcatraz still occupying the late Prophet's Nanosuit 2.0. The area is thick with vegatation and remains of dead Ceph technology. Meanwhile, a large Nanodome created by CELL appears over New York City. Residents were told that the purpose of the Nanodome was to protect the city from any remaining Ceph forces. The true purpose of the Nanodome is to use it for CELL's attempt in conquering the world, possibly by expanding the Nanodome.Cant wait to play this game !!!!!!

Source: Crysis/Wiki

Gentlemen's Game | Cricket

Some intresting facts about Cricket "The gentlemen's game"

Cricket being rather a normal sport has always been the passion of millions of people around the globe especially in India. So for all you people,who love to know stuff about this amazing sport, I've shared a few interesting facts about "Cricket" here it is.....

Only four test series have ended 0-0 with all five matches being drawn. India was involved in three of them, including two in a row against Pakistan.There were no less than six ducks- plus one not out batsman, in the Pakistani innings v West Indies, at Cape Town in 1993. The first century in Test cricket was scored by Charlie Bannerman of Australia in 1877.The first batsman to be dismissed for 99 on his Test debut was Australia’s Arthur Chipperfield at Tent Bridge in 1934. He was 99 not out at lunch.The highest score by a player in his last Test as captain was Ian Chappell’s 192 against England in 1975.Wilfred Rhodes had the longest ever Tes…

Sizzling Srirangapatna

Srirangapatna is a small town in Mandya district located in the state of Karnataka  about 150 kilometers from Bangalore and 20 kilometers from Mysore, Srirangaptna is town rich in culture and a town of Historical importance, Once srirangapatna was the capital of Mysore during the rule of Tippu sultan.

Places to visit in Srirangatna

Sangam a holy place where 3 rivers meet, just 3 kilometers from Srirangapatna, It is a beliefthat a dip in Sangam will wash away all your sins.

Nimishambha temple
Located about 2 kilometers from Srirangapatna, which has Nimishabha as the main goddess, she has been named so from her devotees as she grants their wishes within minutes.

Sriranganathaswamy temple
Located about 3 kilometers from Srirangapatna, dedicated to the Hindu god Sriranganatha, This temple is considered as one of divine shrines in south india and it is of great cultural importance among Hindu Devotees.

Historical Museum
Located opposite to Sriranganathaswamy temple, has the most valuabl…

Consumer Rights aka Your rights!

What is Consumer Rights? to put in a nutshell "it is simply a set of rules incorporated by the Government to protect the consumers from shoddy products/services". How many of us know the rights of consumers which are listed in consumer protection act 1986
Here it is FYI:
1. Right to be protected from Hazardous goods and services.
2. Right to be informed about the quality and performance of goods.
3. Right of free choice of goods and services.
4. Right to be heard in decision making process concerning consumers interests.
5. Right to redressal if consumer rights are infringed.
6. Right to consumer education.
well this are the rules that has been set in the Consumer protection Act 1986.

The common mans awareness is poor about Government's redressal forums and consumer court, People often give up their fight against shoddy products or services for lack of time or lack of confidence in Government procedures. But their are lot of private websites who offer to serve the India…

Bewakoofy | Stupid

There is a bit of stupidness in everyone but we never know when it comes out of us, lets say for example there is 1 kg of cotton and 1 kg of Steel. which will weigh more? in most of our minds the answer that flashes would be Steel, but if you are smart enough you'll know that both weigh the same since cotton and steel weigh 1kg each. BTW even i thought Steel will weigh more than cotton when my college seniors asked me this question. so every one goes through situations like these at-least once in their life, but does it matter nope absolutely not go ahead and keep experiencing stuff like these coz only then i can keep writing  lot of posts on Humor :) be proud to be a Bewakoof coz it'll bring smile on someone else's face.

Well here are some pictures on Bewakoofyness!!!
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                                                               what can one say???

                                                   Always mind your surroundings


Godly Chariots | Muthyallama car festival

The Muthallama car festival very popular among locals in Bangalore has been celebrated for more than 70 years in Shivajinagara a popular place in Bangalore, This Festival occurs in two Stages first being the procession of the Periaya Theru(Big Chariot) and second is called "Pallike" which is procession of more than 50 chariots at once Huge crowd gathers to visit this festival which occurs in the month of April.
Here are some Pictures of this Festival.