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Bewakoofy | Stupid

There is a bit of stupidness in everyone but we never know when it comes out of us, lets say for example there is 1 kg of cotton and 1 kg of Steel. which will weigh more? in most of our minds the answer that flashes would be Steel, but if you are smart enough you'll know that both weigh the same since cotton and steel weigh 1kg each. BTW even i thought Steel will weigh more than cotton when my college seniors asked me this question. so every one goes through situations like these at-least once in their life, but does it matter nope absolutely not go ahead and keep experiencing stuff like these coz only then i can keep writing  lot of posts on Humor :) be proud to be a Bewakoof coz it'll bring smile on someone else's face.

Well here are some pictures on Bewakoofyness!!!
image courtesy : facebook/

                                                               what can one say???

                                                   Always mind your surroundings

                                                       Should i say anything about this

India's one and only happy family insured by all major insurance companies  

well name this image yourself!!!



  1. Hah, liked the last one a lot. It's something you'd never have thought of when you're watching the movie, but strikes you in hindsight! =)


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