Shortcut to My Pictures

I am not professional photographer, but i have lot of interest in photography, this images were taken from my mobile phone didn't have enough money to buy a good camera.  hope you like these pictures of a amateur photographer.

Dried coconut shells at my friend's place 

Wonder what to call this image as

Our goddess Lakshmi 
My best Pic for some reason i don't know how i took this image 
To add some spice to this post a pic of my mom's drumstick Curry


  1. you should save and buy a camera you show promise for seeing good visuals

  2. My friend, keep working with your cell phone. It's the photographer who makes the images not the camera. By the time you'd buy a good cam you'll be equipped with the knowledge to use it at it's best. Nice intent visible in photographs.

    P.S. - I speak from experience :-D

  3. @ Manu Thanks for your comment it kinda inspires me to take more pictures

  4. Terrific captures.. am an amateur with the camera in hand myself, and all I can say that you do a much much better job than me! All the shots are so full of beauty.. loved them! Keep clicking :)

  5. @Arti thanks for the comment:)

  6. Nice snaps...

    An award waiting for you @

    Please accept it as my token of appreciation for your great work!!



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