Consumer Rights aka Your rights!

What is Consumer Rights? to put in a nutshell "it is simply a set of rules incorporated by the Government to protect the consumers from shoddy products/services". How many of us know the rights of consumers which are listed in consumer protection act 1986
Here it is FYI:
1. Right to be protected from Hazardous goods and services.
2. Right to be informed about the quality and performance of goods.
3. Right of free choice of goods and services.
4. Right to be heard in decision making process concerning consumers interests.
5. Right to redressal if consumer rights are infringed.
6. Right to consumer education.
well this are the rules that has been set in the Consumer protection Act 1986.

The common mans awareness is poor about Government's redressal forums and consumer court, People often give up their fight against shoddy products or services for lack of time or lack of confidence in Government procedures. But their are lot of private websites who offer to serve the Indian consumers to resolve their grievances against bad product or services.  
Here are the links to these consumer complaints portals, Do show them your support.
"India Consumer Forum"
"Consumer Court"
                                                                                                                  - Purushotham 


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