Varmam | Ancient Martial art

Varmam, or varmakkalai is based on the theory of 124 vital spots being placed all over the human or animal body, an injury to which can prove to be particularly dangerous and can lead to death. Due to this background varmam points are the basis of medical (varma vaittiyam – varma medicine) and martial techniques (varma ati – varma fighting) at the same time and for obvious reasons being treated very secretly, being handed down only to very few students from the varma master or Guru. Varmam is generally seen by practitioners and outsiders as a branch of the Siddha medical system of Tamil Nadu, but it has related systems in ayurvedic marma chikitsa and a relation with acupuncture or acupressure might be speculated about, which is what varma Asan sometimes do, tracing back all martial arts and acupuncture techniques to a varma/Tamil origin.

There are four types of Varmam based on attack:
Paddu Varmam : 12 Vital points that are fatal, causing immediate severe effects upon the victim.

Thodu Varmam : 96 Vital points triggered by a touch not deadly but will affect the victim by disabling the body,organ movements and function.

Nokku Varmam: Triggering vital points by focusing/concentrating on the target. it takes several years of practice for one to become an expert in Nokku varmam.

Thattu Varmam: Decisive vital points that are used by the master. These are kept confidential until the masters pass on the knowledge to the selected disciple.

and changing modes of education today.


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