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T20 world Cup 2012 | Schedule

T20 world cup 2012 Logo
T20 world cup 2012 Logo

T20 world Cup 2012 Schedule, this year's T20 world cup has been hosted by Srilanka below are the detailed schedule.

Group A - England, India and Afghanistan
Group B - Australia, West Indies and Ireland
Group C - South Africa, Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe
Group D - New Zealand, Pakistan and Bangladesh

18-Sep19:3014:001st T20Sri Lanka vs ZimbabweHambantota
19-Sep15:3010:002nd T20Australia vs IrelandColombo
19-Sep19:3014:003rd T20India vs AfghanistanColombo
20-Sep19:3014:004th T20South Africa vs ZimbabweHambantota
21-Sep15:3010:005th T20New Zealand vs BangladeshKandy
21-Sep19:3014:006th T20England vs AfghanistanColombo
22-Sep15:3010:007th T20Sri Lanka vs South AfricaHambantota
22-Sep19:3014:008th T20Australia vs West IndiesColombo
23-Sep15:3010:009th T20New Zealand vs PakistanKandy
23-Sep19:3014:0010th T20England vs IndiaColombo
24-Sep19:3014:0011th T20West Indies vs IrelandColombo
25-Sep19:3014:0012th T20Bangladesh vs PakistanKandy
27-Sep15:3010:0013th T20TBC vs TBCKandy
27-Sep19:3014:0014th T20TBC vs TBCKandy
28-Sep15:3010:0015th T20TBC vs TBCColombo
28-Sep19:3014:0016th T20TBC vs TBCColombo
29-Sep15:3010:0017th T20TBC vs TBCKandy
29-Sep19:3014:0018th T20TBC vs TBCKandy
30-Sep15:3010:0019th T20TBC vs TBCColombo
30-Sep19:3014:0020th T20TBC vs TBCColombo
1-Oct15:3010:0021st T20TBC vs TBCKandy
1-Oct19:3014:0022nd T20TBC vs TBCKandy
2-Oct15:3010:0023rd T20TBC vs TBCColombo
2-Oct19:3014:0024th T20TBC vs TBCColombo
4-Oct19:0013:301st Semi Final T20TBC vs TBCColombo
5-Oct19:0013:302nd Semi Final T20TBC vs TBCColombo
7-Oct19:0013:30Final T20TBC vs TBCColombo


  1. Nice compilation.. Glad to know of your interest in cricket. I write sometimes on cricket. I wrote on Dravid when he retired. We can exchange notes on cricket too..


  2. T20 world Cup 2012 Schedule ...Thanks for this list....

  3. t20 world cup 2012 would be very interesting because all teams are very strong.who will win let c..

  4. thanks for sharing.


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