Who Should be the Indian president

Before I could Elaborate on who should be the president lets see what powers an president possess.

1. Legislative powers.
The President summons both the Houses (the Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha) of the Parliament and prorogues them. He or she can dissolve the Lok Sabha.

2. Executive Powers.
The Indian Constitution, vests in the President of India, all the executive powers of the Central Government.The President appoints the Prime Minister, the person most likely to command the support of the majority in the Lok Sabha.

3. Financial powers.
All money bills originate in Parliament, but only if the President recommends it. He or she causes the Annual Budget and supplementary Budget before Parliament. No money bill can be introduced in Parliament without the president's assent.

4. Judicial powers.
The President appoints the Chief Justice of the Union Judiciary and other judges on the advice of the Chief Justice. He/she dismisses the judges if and only if the two Houses of the Parliament pass resolutions to that effect by two-thirds majority of the members present.

5. Diplomatic powers.
All international treaties and agreements are negotiated and concluded on behalf of the President.However, in practice, such negotiations are usually carried out by the Prime Minister along with his Cabinet.

6. Military powers.
The President is the supreme commander of the defence forces of India. The President can declare war or conclude peace, subject to the approval of parliament only under the decision of the Council of the Armed Forces Chief staffs.

7. Pardoning Powers.
 The President is empowered with the powers to grant pardons in the following situations.
     -Punishment is for offence against Union Law
     -Punishment is by a Military Court
     -Sentence is a death sentence

8.Emergency powers
The President can declare three types of emergencies: national, state and financial

All these powers in the hands of Single person what can he or she can do, they can change everything in India Curb and reduce Price hikes, increse literacy rate, help small buisnesses and Startups grow, help agricultural industries and farmers grow, eradicate poverty and much more. with so much responsibilities who can be the Right president for India.

 A person who can change everything and doesn't rely on political parties to pass a bill or an order,decides what is good for people and works hard to uplift Indian in all domains, reduces foreign trips and travels all over India to know people's needs better and address common man's concern as his own.
unfortanly we cant decide who should be the president, if you were to have such power who would you choose?? to be the president.  


  1. Nice!
    This is the first time to visit your blog. Desining and everything is super! I like it!
    Thank You! Do you know tamil ( to read & write)

  2. Thanks Atchaya for visiting my blog make it more often and thank you for the comment.

  3. Most relevant - timely - post!
    Remi at:

  4. You have given a lot of info ;but you forgot one thing-the power to take trips around the globe & promote family concerns !!!!!!!!

  5. I did'nt get what you meant to say Indu

  6. We do not have right to choose a president. Sounds odd. But most of us do not know to choose the right person. That's reality. Some part of country would go behind a film actor, some part of country would go behind a caste or religion. People exercise their precious power based on their likes rather being on good factors.

  7. Well Said Deepak!
    Thanks for the comment

  8. Baring few powers the president can act only in the advice of PM, he cant take his own decisions and to be simple he has to follow what PM says so all the power rests in PM.

  9. You have given a lot of info ;but you forgot one thing-the power to take trips around the globe & promote family concerns.


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